Friday, March 12, 2010

Dreaming of the Nucleus 5

It may seem odd to others that i dream about hearing technology. It doesn't seem odd to me. The Nucleus 5 from Cochlear makes me drool. One of the features of it that sold me is that it's water resistant up to 3 feet. Do you have any idea what that translates to? Evan can hear in the bath, in his little kiddy pool, and in a regular pool as long as he doesn't go deeper then 3 feet. There are so many other amazing features that make it so beneficial over his existing device, but the fact that they're water resistant is so amazing to me.

It may seem trivial to those with children who hear normally, but it's not to me. Bath time is fun, it's genuine, and it's important. For Evan, bath time is 100% quite.

By the way, I just received information from Cochlear on the Nucleus 5 today in the mail, that's why i'm excited all of a sudden. Be expecting future drooling posts as i read on. The information also included the trade up program prices. So i can say, with certainty, the Nucleus 5 will be out of reach for Evan for a long time. The dream will continue.
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