Sunday, January 24, 2010


A few days ago Evan had a temper tantrum and his right "ear" fell off, that sort of got in the way of his little episode and he through it against something pretty hard. What ended up happening was the little connector on the end of the coil broke off inside the processor. All that was left on the end of the coil were some brass pins that are normally hidden by the black connector. I tried without luck to extract the broken piece from the processor, so i ended up gently inserting the pins where they should go. Thankfully that worked, but only as a temporary fix. I called Cochlear right away to order new parts, they had to contact our audiologist to get the MAP file for his right processor so they could program it and send it over to us.

The coil was very lose in its temporary home so i tried some superglue to hold it in place. That's something you never want to try unless you're desperate, which i was! That held for a day so we ended up using scotch tape. We should have used duct tape lol.

Cochlear is an amazing company, they didn't charge us for this, even though its obviously not a warranty issue. It would have cost us over $1000 to replace the processor, $200+ for the coil.

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