Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amazes me....

As usual there is a gap between entries, but, good things take time, right? That's a poor excuse, i really should write more often.

Evan is doing amazingly well. He's using 3-4 words together sometimes. He's adding in the very important "i want", "hold it", "i need" and "please" along with his words. We've lost track of how many words he knows, since he just about repeats everything we say, though he doesn't necessarily understand it all. But he does understand a lot, i'm sure more then we realize. I often test him, i'll ask him questions, or just talk to him about stuff that i would imagine is a little out of reach at this stage, but he usual amazes me.

Another great achievement Evan recently made is he can put the magnet coil on his head. I've been waiting for him to figure it out, and it finally happened. He's known how to take it off, and what to say (ears) when it falls off, but that was the first time he's ever put it back on. The only problem is with the bodyworn cable that he has to wear right now, he'll put the coil on but the cord will route under his arm rather then over his shoulder. So it does have to be adjusted by us. I can't wait till his ears are bit enough to support the full weight of the BTE with the battery attached.

I'm going to sign off for now, i'll try to update this more often.

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