Thursday, February 4, 2010

He's just a normal kid...

He may hear differently then you and I, but it's still sound. He's just like any other child, he plays, laughs, learns, and cries. Is he special? Well, i like to think so. But what parent doesn't think their child is special? But is he Special? I still want to say no.

Just adding that capital S to the word makes me uncomfortable. I guess its just the stigmatism that surrounds it. Am i ashamed of my son? Absolutely not! Do i get uncomfortable when people stare? Absolutely. I just wish they would ask questions, rather then stare and wonder. Back to the point, my son is special to me, he's also normal to me, but to you, well, he's different.

Everyone is different. What are we comparing the "same" to? There really is no "same". Identical twins are the same, but they are the same as each other. But they are different from me.

It's all in our perception. I'm guilty of looking and judging, just like most people are. I wish i wasn't though. I've been judged by many, to assume otherwise would be foolish. We're all judged daily, but our collective differences are usual understood. It's those differences that we don't understand that confuse us and make us wonder. Our "same" threshold varies, because we're all comparing the different to something same.

I'm not going to change the world, i'm not going to change a city, i just want to change one. I'll be that one. If i better myself, my understanding of different and same, then i can better those around me. Maybe in 1000 years same will be gone, and everyone will just, be, everyone.

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