Monday, January 21, 2008

The day the music died

The news hit us both very hard today, though Tania was better prepared then i was. Our beautiful baby boy Evan has sever hearing loss in both ears. A parent never, ever wants to hear those words. The tests were done, the numbers don't lie, though i wish they did. :(

Severe hearing loss sounds bad, especially when they use the word "severe". That word now haunts me, it's such a strong word...


That's pretty much the way i heard it. I thought that only thunderstorms and blood loss were described that way, and I'm sure a host of other things too. Oh well, the reality is here, hasn't exactly set in yet, but it's here. I sort of feel it sitting on my shoulder, just watching what i type, every now and then it creeps into my mind and makes it real. It's real all right, real hard to grasp, real hard to understand, real hard to believe, and real hard to ignore. That's how real it is.

We went home with our news, sad, but never defeated.

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