Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ticking along

I won a bunch of auctions on ebay a few weeks ago for several baby Einstein DVD's and CD's. As far as i'm concerned the visual stimulization from the DVD's will be great, and he'll get to hear the music soon. Is that a fantasy that i have? Who really knows. I'm only mentioning the auctions because everything arrived yesterday, all on the same day. Sort of a knife to the side kind of delivery. Some higher power made them all come on the same day just to stick it in my face that "hey, you're adorable baby boy can't hear what's on these".

He'll hear them, i know he will. Just give him time. I am very positive about this, what else is there to do?!?! I'm not going to sit here and think the absolute worst possible scenarios, or maybe i am, who knows.

Tania mentioned to me last night that she thinks we should teach him sign language, along with good ol' english. Well sure, why not, i've always wanted to learn sign language. If it will benefit him, then it's a good thing. Her concern was what if he losses his hearing aids, or the batteries die, or they're in for repair, etc... I want him to be able to communicate, i want him to be able to express himself. Like i've previously said, that's my worry. The first sign i want to learn is "I love you". I say it to him so much as it is, i might as well sign it to him.

Friday is approaching, too darn slow if you ask me. I want it here now, right now. I'm not sure what i'm excepting to happen, i guess i think they'll stick them in his ears and POOF he's cured. Its a miracle, call the papers everyone the boy can hear again. I like my little fantasy world, it's fun to be here. I don't need to focus on the hard reality of it, the countless hours, days, weeks, months, years that will be spent teaching Evan how to hear, how to speak, how to learn. Oh know, i've let the reality out. Let me just stuff that back in.

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